Mod here!

Hey everybody! I couldn't help but notice that the Tavern thread is getting... well, crowded, to say the least. Would you guys like to break it up into separate threads? Just let me know, so we can get that going.

Also, since I believe I neglected to mention this on a few applications, all of us will be going out on Kuhn's ship, the Propogation, once we actually set sail. Once we get enough players for a second ship, that's when we'll divide us up. :)

+In your tears and laughter+

Hello all, my name is Momo ♥

I will be playing the lovely Rabi from the series D. Gray-Man~ He's a fire-eating record-keeping traveling hoot, who loves to flirt and tends to have a bratty streak~ For more info, I've posted his app in his journal ♥

Contact information is easily accessed, I assure you. It is on the profile page, along with a link to my personal LJ :D

I'm always up for plotting, and I love talking to people so please don't hesitate in poking me~!



>_> Hi everbody!

Uh... I want to apologize for confusing posts first. I'll stop using my phone soon... some time.. never... yeah.

Anyway, I'm going to be away in Hong Kong for two weeks starting this Friday (March 7th) and I have no idea if I'll be able to get to a computer with internet access.

Just wanted to let everybody know so nobody goes: D< "HEY, LAZY" if I suddenly drop off the face of the earth for two weeks.

Ok, stay awesome n' stuff. :D

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(no subject)

Hey everyone! I'm Soupy, and I will be your Kristoph Gavin this evening. 8D He thinks that people who want to thread with him are particularly awesome, but make sure your fingernails are clean or he might just have to clean them himself. By cutting them CLEAN OFF. Feel free to hit me up at lady_agrias or on AIM (my SN is Soupykins). 8B
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Hello, everyone! This is Marianne--turns out Altair is more fun to write by himself than RP (damn, that guy is cranky), so I'm afraid I'll be dropping him and picking up Phoenix instead. If anyone wants to thread, feel free to drop a comment like it's hot and let me know~ I'll start up a thread eventually... he needs to see the wonders that are Pirates...

Anyway, go ahead and add him! ♥


Hi there! I'm Rits. I'll be playing Allen Walker from D.Gray-man.

Unlike canon Allen, I left his master vague so anyone who wanted to (please poke me first) could do so. He's 18 instead of 16 and well a bit bolder. My aim is xcrownclownx and my msn is homunculus_envy12@hotmail.com. If you can't reach me on either of those, my email is foxfirepaw@gmail.com.

Looking forward to playing~


 Yo. This be Lit. Lit be Tamaki. ^_^

This be my first lj RP. So, if I do something wrong, tell me. xP I might not know (and be stupid and idiotic).

This also be my first post and last for today since it's 11:30 right now and I've got to go to sleep. Real bad. ;P This doesn't apply anmore since it took a while to get things done. D;

Anyway, I dun have an AIM, but if you want me to, I'll download it and do all that crap all over again and get fed up with all the annoying sounds- but it doesn't matter. I might actually have people I'm going to talk to. :D Yey.

My MSN is moonlight_sonata_07@hotmail.com, just in case you want to contact me quickly and/or my AIM does not exist.

Heres to the RPG being successful and breeding pirates like crazy. :D

And since people love strikethroughs, I shall write with one too. :3

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Hello Chillens! 8D

Now that we're getting closer and closer to having a full crew, I thought maybe we should, you know, PLAY together! Who's for a log?

Right now those of us already logging around ScurvyTown are headed for Cid's Bar. Any takers? I'm sure we could start a barroom brawl/have Kuhn abduct civilians for the crew/get some underage drinking going, wot wot?

Who's in?


Hi, everybody! :) Noni here! I'm all excited to be in this RP and I am making it my goal now to be friends with EVERYBODY. ...Even if that sounds a liitle creepy. >.>

Anyway, I'm Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran Host Club) and that means i'm a red-headed twin. >D

:3 Anybody can contact me on my AIM liquiddancer009, but it'll be easier to reach me on MSN Neferet10210@hotmail.com . I'm online a lot because sleep is for losers my phone has AIM/MSN.